Effect of rare earth addition on microstructural, mechanical and electrical characteristics of Cu-6%Fe microcomposites
作者 WU Zhiwei,ZHANG Jindong,CHEN Yi,MENG Liang
单位 Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Xinhui
摘要 Cu-6%Fe (mass fraction) microcomposites containing (0-0.30)% rare earth elements were prepared by cold drawing and intermediate heat treatments. Microstructure was observed, and mechanical properties and electrical conductivity were measured for alloys at various drawing strain levels. Adding rare earth elements could reduce the size of primary Fe and Cu dendrites of Cu-6%Fe. Ultimate tensile strength increased but electrical conductivity decreased with the increase of drawing strain. Rare earth additions in Cu-6%Fe slightly increased the strength at low strain and effectively improved the conductivity at high strain. Both strain hardening rate and conductivity loss of Cu-6%Fe containing rare earths were reduced at lower strain than Cu-6%Fe.
刊物 稀土学报(英文版)
关键词 Cu-Fe drawing microstructure mechanical properties electrical conductivity rare earths
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